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Noble wood, craftsmanship, and the knowledge gained over more than 70 years in the world of timber, are the key elements that make our products special. We work in Europe, North and South America, Asia and Africa, in order to select the wood species that will bring life to our hardwood floors. The final result is a unique product, completely natural and created according to the highest quality standards.

All the colors of Nature

The scents, the many chromatic nuances and the designs of the fibre tell stories shaped by time and land of origin of our woods. Each plank, in its uniqueness, embodies the spirit of these places, filling the spaces in which they are laid with suggestions for the senses and the mind.
GIʎNT® is a product that has roots in various continents, from America to Asia, from Africa to Europe, creating a wide range of options with different identities. All our products are made of thick solid wood, their dimensions given by nature.

Family trees

Our story is that of an Italian family company with a strong legacy to the timber world, solid work ethic and vast knowledge of the wooden material, and always operating with respect for tradition while seeking innovation.
The company was founded in 1946 when the founder, Adelio Ciambella, began importing timber from neighbouring Austria and Yugoslavia. Soon the first warehouse was built in Assisi, central Italy, and the import grew steadily, acquiring greater solidity, competence and presence on the market.

Family Tree

Subsequently, the contacts expanded, and the range of wood species continued to expand. The places from which the woods arrived from increased: North America, South America, Asia, Africa and Europe. Since the early 1980s, raw materials from all over the world are dealt in. The founder Adelio has been succeeded by its younger generation, Giuseppe and Daniela, who now run the business.

“was born and raised surrounded by wood and accompanied by the words of my father: “The craft of wood is the most beautiful in the world” – CEO Giuseppe Ciambella –

GIʎNT® was born in the 90s from the researches of Giuseppe who, while visiting the wood species’ places of origin, decided to revisit a product, solid wood flooring, that had disappeared almost entirely from the market, but that was a product truer to the essence of the wood. GIʎNT® is the answer to the needs of a conscious customer, looking for a product made with high-quality raw materials and handcrafted, different from industrial products on the market. GIʎNT® has always been made on order, bespoke, and produced entirely in our headquarters in Italy.
Respect for wood and for our traditions is a credo that still guides us today, step by step, in every project.

The values behind the object

State-of-the-art production techniques, the support of precision machinery, research and studies on wood technology and the most modern drying methods help us to make
GIʎNT® perfect in every detail.

The surface processes are still carried out manually, because no machinery, however modern, is able to perform these treatments like a human hand can do. The knots are carefully cleaned before being filled; planing of the surface is handmade so that no plank looks the same; deep bevels made with a manual planer to bring out shapes and volume.

Solid wood flooring GIʎNT®

We work this way to create a flooring in harmony with what nature has created over time; a material that has its history imprinted in its fibres and that we transform into a product that will last for generations.


A solid plank of pure noble wood, prestigious and exclusive, of large dimensions and thickness, different from the types of parquet present on the market.

Since then the company has never stopped its growth and its innovation process. GIʎNT® today is a brand synonymous of the highest quality and a point of reference in the design of the most exclusive residences and sites in more than 50 countries around the world.

Italian hand made


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